IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network

Clinical Trials (ECHO IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network)

Infants and children living in rural areas and states are less likely than those living in other states to have a chance to enroll in clinical research, especially clinical trials. Because of this, the ECHO Program paired with the IDeA States Program to create ECHO’s interventional branch of research: ECHO IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (ISPCTN). This Network ensures that children in states with historically low NIH funding have access to clinical trials as part of ECHO.

The ECHO ISPCTN is made up of research sites in 17 states. The ECHO Program places clinical trial experts at these  locations and creates partnerships with other academic institutions, forming new centers for pediatric research.

The ECHO ISPCTN aims to enhance pediatric clinical trial access at state and national levels and to help carry out well-designed clinical trials in children. The Network has the following goals:

  • Provide medically underserved and rural populations access to state-of-the-art clinical trials in ECHO’s five areas of child health.
  • Build the national capacity to conduct pediatric clinical trials by providing professional development for faculty, team support, and infrastructure building.

The ECHO ISPCTN also offers professional development resources and trainings to researchers who are not part of the network. If you would like to register for access to the non-member Professional Development, you may do so on our Visitor’s Login Page.

Data Coordinating and Operations Center

The Data Coordinating and Operations Center (DCOC) manages the following activities for the ECHO ISPCTN:

  • Data coordination
  • Technical instruction
  • Data standards
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Operational coordination for ECHO ISPCTN clinical trials

Principal Investigators: Jeannette Lee (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) and Jessica Snowden (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences).

If you have questions about the ECHO ISPCTN, please contact

About the IDeA States Program

The Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) Program was first authorized by Congress in 1993 and is managed by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. The IDeA States Program was developed to widen the distribution of NIH funding for biomedical and behavioral research. It is designed to enhance the competitiveness for research funding in states with historically low NIH funding.

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