ECHO Team Login

Links for ECHO Researchers (Team Login)

If you are an ECHO scientist or project team member, find information about how to log in to pertinent ECHO systems below. Please note: These systems are separate and each requires specific login instructions.


A secure web portal where internal users can access information about the ECHO Program, including the publications process, document storage, collaboration, governance (ECHO policies and procedures) and ECHO templates.

*How to login: DHE\Username and password

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Learning Management System

A secure web portal that facilitates ECHO training, including the tracking, acknowledgement, and understanding of the ECHO-wide Protocol and measures/collection procedures.

*How to login: LMS Username and password

shows username and password inputs on LMS


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A secure web portal for data collection forms, the submission, storage, harmonization, and analysis of ECHO-wide cohort data, and the collaboration of researchers using these data.


*How to login: Email address and password

Screenshot of ECHO Portal

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