How Participants Fit into the Big Picture

How Participants Fit into the Big Picture

The ECHO Program’s mission is to enhance the health of children for generations to come. The ECHO Program consists of two branches of research that need participants like you.

The United States is large and diverse. This means that ECHO researchers need to have a large and diverse set of information to get a good understanding of child health across the entire country. ECHO plans to include more than 50,000 children and families in its research!

People who are taking part in ECHO research are called “participants.” Participants in ECHO research are important and valuable. Their health information helps researchers answer key questions about ECHO’s five focus areas in child health:

illlustration of five groupings; pre-,peri-,and postnatal; upper and lower airway; obesity; neurodevelopment; positive health

By taking part in ECHO, participants help create a big-picture view of what influences child health in the United States. This information will help ECHO researchers find answers to important questions. Participants are essential to achieving ECHO’s mission of enhancing the health of our nation’s children.