Observational studies (ECHO Cohorts)

Observational Studies (Pediatric Cohorts)

ECHO aims to enroll more than 50,000 children in ECHO through its observational studies. ECHO brings together approximately 70 existing groups, or cohorts, of participants of different races, genders, ages, and backgrounds to better understand the effects of environmental influences on child health and development. This branch of ECHO research is observational. ECHO researchers use the cohorts to look at the effects of early environmental influences on children over time.

The Pediatric Cohorts involved in ECHO have observed children for many years. By joining these existing cohorts together in the ECHO Program, researchers have access to a wealth of data to answer important questions. ECHO researchers will also continue to collect new information from participants as part of the cohorts' ongoing research.

Although each cohort is unique, they collect data in a similar way to make sure all information can be combined and understood by researchers. ECHO's Pediatric Cohorts are spread across the United States, including cohorts in Puerto Rico. Learn more about cohort locations by visiting the ECHO map.

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