Program Materials

Program Materials

Last reviewed: May 2020

The ECHO Program aims to foster a community of collaboration by sharing program materials with fellow researchers and others conducting critical science. Please note that the materials published on this site are for reference purposes only and will be updated on a rolling, quarterly basis to reflect the current materials in use. Materials for ECHO cohorts that pursue research questions outside of the ECHO-wide Cohort Data Collection Protocol may vary widely.

Questions related to these reference materials may be directed to the ECHO Help Desk at

ECHO Program researchers may access current study documents via study portals on the ECHO Team Login page

ECHO Program Protocol

ECHO’s expert researchers, who work across many areas of child health research, worked together for more than two years to create a protocol for the Program. This protocol is referred to as the ECHO-wide Cohort Data Collection Protocol, or the ECHO Protocol for short. This protocol joins ECHO cohorts together to create a standard collection of information, including samples, from participants across the United States as a nationwide research data and specimen resource.

Manual of Operating Procedures (MOP)

The ECHO Program’s Manual of Operating Procedures (MOP) provides instruction for principal investigators and research staff in protocol implementation and data collection across participants and study sites to facilitate consistency.

Biospecimen Resources

The ECHO Program's Biospecimen Resources describe the types of biological samples, or biospecimens, which may be collected, as well as when and how they should be collected.


Breast Milk

Cord Blood


Meconium and Stool

Nasal Mucus






Data Collection Materials (not yet published)


ECHO Program Brochure and Slides

The ECHO Program Brochure and slide set provide additional information about the ECHO Program.