Mission and Guiding Principles

Mission and Guiding Principles

ECHO’s mission is to enhance the health of children for generations to come. To help us meet this mission, we created a set of “guiding principles” that we follow.

Our guiding principles reflect the beliefs and values of the ECHO Program:

1. ECHO recognizes the valuable contributions of participants to research design, conduct, oversight, and dissemination. Engagement should occur in our work as early and often as possible. 

ECHO finds value in involving participants in planning the ECHO Program. ECHO seeks feedback from participants as early as possible, and continues to involve them as we share Program results. ECHO has already worked with participants to create educational materials about the ECHO Program (such as brochures, posters, and flyers), study summaries, and videos. We will continue to get feedback from participants throughout the Program.

2. ECHO recognizes participants are embedded within families and communities that must be incorporated into stakeholder engagement frameworks. 

The ECHO Program realizes that taking part in ECHO not only affects participants, but also their families and other people around them. Because of this, we not only think about how to work with participants, but also with the people around them.

3. ECHO supports its investigators in building internal and community capacity to enhance engagement at the local level in order to create mutual value. 

The ECHO Program is large in scale, but we understand the importance of local communities. We support our researchers in efforts to work within our communities to find value from our Program for both the researchers and the participants.

4. ECHO is transparent and trustworthy. We communicate Program updates and share results in formats and language understandable to participants. We have discussions with communities where the research is conducted. 

Without our participants, ECHO would have no information to share. That’s why we are committed to sharing results in an easy-to-understand way. We are open to talking with our participants to help them understand the results and how they fit into the bigger picture of the ECHO Program.